Welcome to the largest European type donors base.

Ukrainian genetic pool is considered to be the best for infertility treatment:


Some people say that beauty of Ukrainian ladies is explained by numerous conquests and resettlements of people that resulted in rich genetic mix.

We can’t know for sure about it.

The only thing we can claim for sure is that experts and female beauty devotees unanimously say that Ukrainian women are the most beautiful in the world, if we mean European type of appearance.

Regular built and body weight, fair eyes, hair and skin, fine face features count in favour of Ukrainian donors.


Unlike many countries that legalize egg donation, in Ukraine mainly representatives of middle class donate eggs.

The majority of women in our base are educated ladies from good families.

Moreover, many of them have prestigious jobs like doctor or teacher, as well as their parents and great parents.


As most of our donors are representatives of middle class, they lead healthy life style and are financially protected.

It influences donor’s health, general body condition and genetic characteristics.


Egg donors’ motivation is usually caused by their consciousness and high intellectual assets.

Most of them donate mainly because they want to help an infertile couple to know the joy of parenting.