Prospective Parents - Information for Egg Donor Recipients

Before starting egg donor program, each woman shall pass several stages.

The first one is taking decision about necessity of using donor egg.

There are two cases when donor egg is needed: when own eggs are absent or if their quality is not of proper quality.

In case of own eggs absence, using donor eggs is the only option. If a woman has her own eggs, she faces a choice: own or donor egg?

Let’s sort it out. If a woman has serious genetic disease, probability of inheriting it by her children and grandchildren is very high. In such case, the doctor usually insists on using donor material.

If egg quality is low due to age, embryologist may try fertilization of own eggs. However, in such case chances for success are much lower than in case of a donor egg. It is considered that eggs aging starts after 30 and leads to dramatic fertility decreasing. At the age of 40, chances to conceive are twice lower than at the age of 30.

Within IVF program, a woman is subject to hormonal stimulation that may influence her health (we all are different). Moreover, each new program costs a pretty penny. That’s why it’s so important for you to take the decision: try on your own eggs and put your health and finance at risk or choose a donor egg at once.

The second stage is choosing a donor. Every day hundreds of young ladies apply for egg donation.

Main criteria for donors in this base are age between 18 and 29, physical, psychological and genetic health, pleasant appearance and having her own healthy child. Some intended mothers-recipients choose a donor who looks like her in appearance and has similar character traits.

Other prefer donor with the best qualities from the given – the most beautiful, smart, etc. Statistics says that they usually don’t pay attention to blood type. The key factor here is general compatibility that can be determined by your doctor.

There is one more important fact that helps you take a decision is favour of this base: we use only fresh eggs and simultaneous stimulation. In case of unsuccessful result, the program is renewed, because the principle of our clinic is guaranteed success.

And finally, the third stage starts when a long-awaited baby sees the world.

Only you decide how to behave yourself with your child and whether to reveal the secret of his or her birth.

There is a European approach that says that donating an egg is actually the same form of donation as donor blood or kidney. So there is no need to concentrate attention on it. There is also American approach to egg donation secret revealing.

It claims that a child must necessarily know about his or her roots. So, this is up to you which to choose. You may also change your mind at moment of your child’s life. Most likely, when your baby comes to your life, this all will not matter.

Now you just have him and he has you. This is happiness.